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--[==[ This is the "C" list of portal image names. It contains a list of portal images for use with Module:Portal -- for portal names that start with the letter "C". For aliases to existing portal names, and for portal names that -- start with other letters, please use the appropriate page from the following list:

-- Module:Portal/images/a - for portal names beginning with "A". -- Module:Portal/images/b - for portal names beginning with "B". -- Module:Portal/images/d - for portal names beginning with "D". -- Module:Portal/images/e - for portal names beginning with "E". -- Module:Portal/images/f - for portal names beginning with "F". -- Module:Portal/images/g - for portal names beginning with "G". -- Module:Portal/images/h - for portal names beginning with "H". -- Module:Portal/images/i - for portal names beginning with "I". -- Module:Portal/images/j - for portal names beginning with "J". -- Module:Portal/images/k - for portal names beginning with "K". -- Module:Portal/images/l - for portal names beginning with "L". -- Module:Portal/images/m - for portal names beginning with "M". -- Module:Portal/images/n - for portal names beginning with "N". -- Module:Portal/images/o - for portal names beginning with "O". -- Module:Portal/images/p - for portal names beginning with "P". -- Module:Portal/images/q - for portal names beginning with "Q". -- Module:Portal/images/r - for portal names beginning with "R". -- Module:Portal/images/s - for portal names beginning with "S". -- Module:Portal/images/t - for portal names beginning with "T". -- Module:Portal/images/u - for portal names beginning with "U". -- Module:Portal/images/v - for portal names beginning with "V". -- Module:Portal/images/w - for portal names beginning with "W". -- Module:Portal/images/x - for portal names beginning with "X". -- Module:Portal/images/y - for portal names beginning with "Y". -- Module:Portal/images/z - for portal names beginning with "Z". -- Module:Portal/images/other - for portal names beginning with any other letters. This includes numbers, -- letters with diacritics, and letters in non-Latin alphabets. -- Module:Portal/images/aliases - for adding aliases for existing portal names. Use this page for variations -- in spelling and diacritics, etc., no matter what letter the portal begins with.

-- When adding entries, please use alphabetical order. The format of the images table entries is as follows: -- ["portal name"] = "image.svg", -- The portal name should be the name of your portal, in lower case. For example, the portal name for -- "Portal:United Kingdom" would be "united kingdom". The image name should be capitalised normally, and the "File:" -- namespace prefix should be -- omitted. ]==]

return { ["calgary"] = "Flag of Calgary, Alberta.svg|link=|alt=", ["california"] = "Flag of California.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["california central valley"] = "California Central Valley county map.svg|link=|alt=", ["california roads"] = "California blank.svg|link=|alt=", ["calvinism"] = "Kreuz-hugenotten.svg|alt=icon", ["cambodia"] = "Flag of Cambodia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["cameroon"] = "Flag of Cameroon.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["canada"] = "Flag of Canada.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["canada/kawartha lakes"] = "Kawartha Lakes flag.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["canada roads"] = "Trans-Canada Highway shield.svg|link=|alt=", ["canadian armed forces"] = "Canadian Forces emblem.svg|alt=icon", ["canadian communities"] = "Map Canada political-geo.png|link=|alt=", ["canadian football"] = "Canadian football.png|alt=icon", ["canadian law"] = "Supreme Court of Canada.jpg|link=|alt=", ["canadian politics"] = "Can-vote-stub.svg|alt=icon", ["canadian territories"] = "Northern Canada.svg|alt=icon", ["cannabis"] = "Cannabis leaf.svg|alt=icon", ["cape cod and the islands"] = "Nobska Lighthouse 1.jpg|alt=icon", ["cape verde"] = "Flag of Cape Verde.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["capital district"] = "Empire State Plaza symbol 2.svg|link=|alt=", ["capitalism"] = "Capitalismlogo.svg|alt=icon", ["caribbean"] = "Caribbean map blank.png|alt=icon", ["caribbean community"] = "Flag of CARICOM.svg|link=|alt=", ["cars"] = "Sportcar sergio luiz ara 01.svg|link=|alt=", ["cartoon"] = "Mad scientist.svg|alt=icon", ["cartoon network"] = "Cartoon Network.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["catalan-speaking countries"] = "Siñal d'Aragón.svg|border|alt=icon", ["catholicism"] = "046CupolaSPietro.jpg|border|alt=icon", ["cats"] = "Cat03.jpg|alt=icon", ["cayman islands"] = "Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg|alt=icon", ["celine dion"] = "Celine Dion Concert Singing 'Taking Chances' 2008.jpg|alt=icon", ["celtic studies"] = "Celtic-knot-insquare-39crossings.svg|link=|alt=", ["central african republic"] = "Flag of the Central African Republic.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["central america"] = "Age of Consent - Central America.svg|alt=icon", ["central asia"] = "Central Asian Games participating countries.PNG|alt=icon", ["cetaceans"] = "Sperm whale fluke.jpg|link=|alt=", ["chad"] = "Flag of Chad.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["chandigarh"] = "Gandhi Bhawan at Punjab University.jpg|alt=icon", ["channel islands"] = "Flag of Sark.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["charles dickens"] = "Charles Dickens 3.jpg|link=|alt=", ["chechnya"] = "Flag of the Chechen Republic.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["cheesehead"] = "Cheesehead.png|alt=icon", ["chemistry"] = "Papapishu-Lab-icon-6.svg|link=|alt=", ["chennai"] = "Chennai High Court 1200x800.jpg|alt=icon", ["cher"] = "Cher Assinatura.png|link=|alt=", ["cheshire"] = "Cheshire Flag.svg|border|alt=icon", ["chess"] = "Nuvola apps package games strategy.png|alt=icon", ["chicago"] = "Seal of Chicago, Illinois.png|link=|alt=", ["children's literature"] = "Tom Sawyer 1876 frontispiece.jpg|link=|alt=", ["chile"] = "Flag of Chile.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["china"] = "Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg|border|link=|alt=flag", ["chittagong"] = "Beach View of the Saint Martin's Island.jpg|alt=icon", ["christian democracy"] = "Orange flag waving.svg|alt=icon", ["christianity"] = "P christianity.svg|alt=icon", ["christianity in china"] = "Blessing message.svg|link=|alt=", ["christianity in india"] = "India with cross.svg|alt=icon", ["christian metal"] = "Guitar 1.svg|link=|alt=", ["christian music"] = "Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg|link=|alt=", ["christina aguilera"] = "Christina Aguilera (at premiere of \"To John With Love\", September 2010).jpg|alt=icon", ["christmas"] = "Xmas tree.svg|link=|alt=", ["chronology"] = "History.gif|link=|alt=", ["cincinnati"] = "Cincinnati Dusk Light.JPG|link=|alt=", ["city of port of spain"] = "POS Academy for the Performing Arts 03 2012 0960.JPG|alt=icon", ["city of san fernando"] = "HilltopSandoview.jpg|link=|alt=", ["classical civilisation"] = "2006 01 21 Athènes Parthénon.JPG|alt=icon", ["classical guitar"] = "Classical Guitar two views2.png|alt=icon", ["classical music"] = "'A' (PSF).png|link=|alt=", ["cleveland"] = "Flag of Cleveland, Ohio.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["coffee"] = "Emblem-relax.svg|alt=icon", ["cold war"] = "Cold War Map 1959.svg|alt=icon", ["college basketball"] = "Basketball.png|link=|alt=", ["college football"] = "NCAAFootball transparent.png|alt=icon", ["colombia"] = "Flag of Colombia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["colonialism"] = "PithHelmetTruman.jpg|link=|alt=", ["color"] = "Colouring pencils.jpg|alt=icon", ["colorado"] = "Flag of Colorado.svg|border|alt=Flag of Colorado|link=|alt=", ["comedy"] = "SMirC-laugh.svg|alt=icon", ["comics"] = "Speech balloon.svg|link=|alt=", ["commonwealth games"] = "Commonwealth Games Federation seal.svg|alt=icon", ["commonwealth realms"] = "Commonwealth Realms map2.png|alt=icon", ["communism"] = "Symbol-hammer-and-sickle.svg|link=|alt=", ["community"] = "P globe blue.png|alt=icon", ["community of christ"] = "USVA headstone emb-20.svg|link=|alt=", ["comoros"] = "Flag of Comoros.svg|link=|alt=", ["companies"] = "Industry5.svg|link=|alt=", ["complementary and alternative medicine"] = "Rod of Asclepius2.svg|alt=icon", ["computer graphics"] = "5-cell.gif|link=|alt=", ["computer networking"] = "Bus icon.svg|link=|alt=", ["computer programming"] = "8bit-dynamiclist (reversed).gif|alt=icon", ["computer science"] = "Internet map 1024.jpg|alt=icon", ["computer security"] = "Monitor padlock.svg|alt=icon", ["computer-generated imagery"] = "Gaussian.JPG|link=|alt=", ["connecticut"] = "Seal of Connecticut.svg|link=|alt=", ["conservatism"] = "DodgerBlue flag waving.svg|link=|alt=", ["constructed languages"] = "Design conlang.png|alt=icon", ["contents"] = "Wikipedia's W.svg|link=|alt=", ["contents/indexes"] = "Pointing-right.svg|link=|alt=", ["contents/outlines"] = "Pointing-left.svg|link=|alt=", ["cook islands"] = "Flag of the Cook Islands.svg|link=|alt=", ["cooperatives"] = "Twinpines.svg|link=|alt=", ["córdoba"] = "Escudo ciudad de cordoba argentina.svg|link=|alt=", ["cornhusker"] = "Nebraska silhouette.png|alt=icon", ["cornwall"] = "Flag of Cornwall.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["cosmology"] = "Ilc 9yr moll4096.png|link=|alt=", ["costa rica"] = "Flag of Costa Rica.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["country music"] = "Steel guitar-KayEss.1.jpeg|alt=icon", ["creationism"] = "Michelangelo, Creation of Adam 04.jpg|link=|alt=", ["cricket"] = "Cricketball.png|link=|alt=", ["crimea"] = "Flag of Crimea.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["criminal justice"] = "Scale of justice 2.svg|link=|alt=", ["croatia"] = "Flag of Croatia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["crusades"] = "Arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.svg|alt=icon", ["crustaceans"] = "Charybdis japonica.jpg|alt=icon", ["cryptography"] = "Crypto key.svg|alt=icon", ["cryptozoology"] = "Okapi2.jpg|alt=icon", ["cuba"] = "Flag of Cuba.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["cultural heritage of serbia"] = "Spomenik Kulture.svg|link=|alt=", ["culture"] = "P culture.svg|alt=icon", ["cumbria"] = "Herdwick sheep crop.jpg|alt=icon", ["curaçao"] = "Flag of Curaçao.svg|alt=icon", ["current events"] = "Ambox globe.svg|link=|alt=", ["current events/turkey"] = "Wikinews-logo.png|link=|alt=", ["cycling"] = "Cycling (road) pictogram.svg|link=|alt=", ["cyprus"] = "Satellite image of Cyprus, cropped.jpg|border|link=|alt=", ["czech republic"] = "Flag of the Czech Republic.svg|border|link=|alt=", }