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Anjali is a personified measurement unit used to measure liquid and semi-solid components of body. One Anjali is equal to the quantity that can be filled in a space formed from joining one’s palms together. [Cha. Sa. Sharira Sthana 7/15]

Measurements of various components

  1. Udaka (Water): Ten anjali
  2. Rasa dhatu: Nine anjali
  3. Rakta dhatu: Eight anjali
  4. Purisha (feces): Seven anjali
  5. Shleshma : Six anjali
  6. Pitta: Five anjali
  7. Mutra: Four anjali
  8. Vasa: Three anjali
  9. Meda: Two anjali
  10. Majja: One anjali
  11. Mastishka: Half anjali
  12. Shukra: Half anjali
  13. Shlaishmic ojas: Half anjali [Cha. Sa. Sharira Sthana 7/15]

Current opinions

In an observational study, it is concluded that there is a volumic difference according to gender. Average measurement of one Anjali for a woman was found to be 100 ml & for a man was observed as 135 ml.[1]

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