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The Charak Samhita is a product of collective wisdom. Your contribution is valuable for us. The areas of contributions include following.

Invited articles

Review article on important concepts

  1. Writing articles on specific concepts of Ayurveda
  2. Review all references regarding the concept from Charak Samhita.
  3. Organize it properly to make it understandable to the new readers.
  4. Enrich the content with proper referencing from recently published articles in good journals. While writing we shall focus more on propagating Ayurvedic concept and NOT just correlate it with conventional medicine and copy-paste it.

You may refer the article on Smruti for reference.

Publishing Case reports

Case reports or studies or series is highly important for applied aspect of Ayurveda. Please see Case Reports for detail guidelines.

Content Review

To make this Samhita live and contemporary, the following questions need to be asked by reader on each chapter and answered by authorities.

  1. What modifications are needed in the present text of chapter to improve it?
  2. Which new research updates can be added in the content to make it contemporary? Kindly share research papers/case reports and your notes in soft copy to refer in each chapter.
  3. Which are the important concepts mentioned in the chapter?
  4. Do you think that some of the quotations in the chapter are not being practiced in today's era? Which are those quotations and what are the alternatives used instead in today's clinical practice?
  5. What are the key research areas in the chapter to work further? Kindly suggest some links of research works already done on each chapter OR concepts?
  6. Any other suggestions to make this work more user friendly and followed by scientific community?

Your suggestions to improve content will help us in process of reaching objective.

Content editing

  1. Editing articles
  2. Suggesting new features of editing and referencing
  3. Providing references of your published work related to any topic of Charak Samhita that will be annexed to the chapter
  4. Sharing experiences/writing case reports based on your clinical experiences
  5. Providing other authentic research references on topics of Charak Samhita
  6. Critical suggestions with evidences to improve content

Technical support

  1. Technical help for training scholars
  2. Propagating the content with proper referencing
  3. Reaching scientific community interested in Ayurveda
  4. Helping the globe to improve health through Ayurveda
  5. Organize conferences and workshops
  6. Refer scholars who can provide content and good write-ups

If you wish to contribute articles within scope of Charak Samhita, please write to us with your brief bio-data and areas of interest. We will write back to you with login details. Please do not submit copyrighted material without permission from the administrators of this website.