Module:Submit an edit request

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-- This module implements Template:Submit an edit request.

local CONFIG_MODULE = 'Module:Submit an edit request/config'

-- Load necessary modules local mRedirect = require('Module:Redirect') local cfg = mw.loadData(CONFIG_MODULE) local effectiveProtectionLevel = require('Module:Effective protection level')._main local lang = mw.language.getContentLanguage()

local p = {}

local validLevels = { semi = 'semi', extended = 'extended', template = 'template', full = 'full' }

local function message(key, ...) local params = {...} local msg = cfg[key] if #params < 1 then return msg else return mw.message.newRawMessage(msg):params(params):plain() end end

local function isTranscludedOnMainPage(titleObj) local mainPage = message('main-page') for i, source in ipairs(titleObj.cascadingProtection.sources) do if source == mainPage then return true end end return false end

local function validateLevel(level) return level and validLevels[level] or 'full' end

local function getLevelInfo(level, field) return cfg.protectionLevels[level][field] end

local function resolveRedirect(page) return mRedirect.luaMain(page) end

local function isProtected(page) local action = and 'edit' or 'create' return effectiveProtectionLevel(action, page) ~= '*' end

function p.makeRequestUrl(level, titleObj) titleObj = titleObj or mw.title.getCurrentTitle() if isTranscludedOnMainPage(titleObj) then return tostring(mw.uri.fullUrl(message('main-page-request-page'))) end local talkPageName = resolveRedirect(titleObj.talkPageTitle.prefixedText) if isProtected(talkPageName) then return tostring(mw.uri.fullUrl(message('protected-talk-page-request-page'))) end level = validateLevel(level) local url = mw.uri.fullUrl(talkPageName, { action = 'edit', editintro = getLevelInfo(level, 'editintro'), preload = message('preload-template'), preloadtitle = message( 'preload-title-text', getLevelInfo(level, 'levelText'), lang:formatDate(message('preload-title-date-format')) ), section = 'new' }) url = tostring(url)

-- Add the preload parameters. @TODO: merge this into the mw.uri.fullUrl -- query table once phab:T93059 is fixed. local function encodeParam(key, val) return string.format('&%s=%s', mw.uri.encode(key), mw.uri.encode(val)) end url = url .. encodeParam('preloadparams[]', getLevelInfo(level, 'requestTemplate')) url = url .. encodeParam('preloadparams[]', titleObj.prefixedText)

return url end

function p._link(args) return string.format( '[%s %s]', p.makeRequestUrl(args.type), args.display or message('default-display-value') ) end

function p._button(args) return require('Module:Clickable button 2').luaMain{ [1] = args.display or message('default-display-value'), url = p.makeRequestUrl(args.type), class = 'mw-ui-progressive' } end

local function makeInvokeFunc(func, wrapper) return function (frame) local args = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs(frame, { wrappers = {wrapper} }) return func(args) end end = makeInvokeFunc(p._link, message('link-wrapper-template')) p.button = makeInvokeFunc(p._button, message('button-wrapper-template'))

return p