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This is the documentation page for Module:Icon/data

This module stores icon data for Module:Icon.

Adding icons

To add a new icon, add a table in the following format:

<source lang="lua"> code = { image = "My image", tooltip = "My tooltip text", }, </source>

If you want to add aliases for the code, use the following format instead: <source lang="lua"> code = { aliases = {"alias1", "alias2"}, image = "My image", tooltip = "My tooltip text", }, </source>

If any of the text you add has double quotes in, you will need to escape it with backslashes like this: <syntaxhighlight lang="lua" class="" id="" style="" inline="1">"My \"quoted\" image.svg"</syntaxhighlight>.

Please make sure that any codes and aliases that you add don't match any existing codes or aliases. If they do, one of them will be overwritten with the other (and it's not possible to say for certain which will be overwritten with which).

You can omit the tooltip text if you want, but it is recommended that you add it.

Removing icons

Removing icons is fairly easy. Just remove the relevant entry from the data table. You can't remove the _DEFAULT entry, as Module:Icon relies on it being there.