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-- This module processes data for Module:IPAc-en. It is intended to be -- loaded with mw.loadData.

local PRONUNCIATION_MODULE = 'Module:IPAc-en/pronunciation' local PHONEME_MODULE = 'Module:IPAc-en/phonemes'

local function makeData(oldData) local newData = {} for i, old in ipairs(oldData) do local new = {} for k, v in pairs(old) do if k ~= 'aliases' and k ~= 'code' then new[k] = v end end newData[old.code] = new if old.aliases then for i, alias in ipairs(old.aliases) do newData[alias] = new end end end return newData end

local function main() local pronunciation = makeData(require(PRONUNCIATION_MODULE)) local phonemes = makeData(require(PHONEME_MODULE))

-- Check that no pronunciation keys are also contained in the phonemes -- data. This would cause silent, hard-to-debug errors if it went -- unchecked, so make it cause a big red error message instead. for id in pairs(pronunciation) do if phonemes[id] then error(string.format( "duplicate ID '%s' found in %s and %s", id, PRONUNCIATION_MODULE, PHONEME_MODULE )) end end

return { pronunciation = pronunciation, phonemes = phonemes, } end

return main()