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Key research areas

Dr.Vasant Patil:

  1. Coconut oil as Sneha Dravya in Vatavyadhi
  2. Effect of Shodhananga Snehana on Lipid profile in different Prakriti in Sthaulya.
  3. Effect of different Sneha (Ghrita etc.) on lipid profile in Sthaulya.
  4. Pharmacokinetics of Sneha by using radio-labelled Snehapana
  5. Large sample trial of Rukshana Purvaka Snehana & Snehana in Sthaulya and Prameha
  6. Effect of Avapeedaka Sarpi in Benign Prostate Hypertrophy
  7. Effect of Avapeedaka Sarpi in Parinama Shoola
  8. Comparative study of dhanvantaramn arikela taila and Dhanvantar Tila Taila Shamana Sneha in Pakshaghata
  9. Comparative study of Ksheerabal anarikela taila and Ksheerabala Tila Taila Shamana Sneha in kampavata

Vidhi vimarsha

Dr.Vasant Patil:

In Vidhi Vimarsh -the critical practical notes from the research works done on snehana need to be included.

Updates in other versions of text

Dr.Vasant Patil:

Dose of Snehana, Clinical application of different dose and formulations