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Matter in Buddha Phiosophy

All matter in the Universe is made-up of five inseparable, but ever-changing energies which are called the patavi energy, apo energy, tejo energy, vayo energy and akasha energy.

  • Patavi energy supports other energies. Excess patavi energy gives rise to solid state of matter.(This resembles with Prithvi mahabhuta)
  • Apo energy binds other energies together. Excess apo energy gives rise to liquid state of matter.(This resembles with Aap mahabhuta)
  • Tejo energy causes maturation of other energies. Excess in tejo energy gives rise to plasma state of matter.(This resembles with Teja mahabhuta)
  • Vayo energy causes movement of other energies. Excess vayo energy gives rise to gaseous state of matter.(This resembles with Vayu mahabhuta)
  • Akasha energy is a unified field force that associates matter. Excess akasha energy gives rise to field forces such as gravitational field force, electromagnetic field force, strong and weak nuclear forces etc. Hence akasha dhatu also contains a very small percentage of patavi dhatu, the field forces also consists of matter that can be called fine-matter, which scientists call it a "photon". (This resembles with Akasha mahabhuta)

The Buddha goes further and explains that a fetus has to combine with vinnana dhatu (Consciousness) to become a "being"(Purusha). Vinnana dhatu is also a type of akasha dhatu (field force) which carries information from the previous birth.

The selection of the next birth place depends on the potential energy of this leaving, dynamic vinnana dhatu (fieldforce). This is similar to a television signal of a particular frequency being attracted to a television set which is attuned-up to that same frequency. Also the television signal does not transmit any sound or pictures but dynamic energy with an imprint of the voice and picture. Similarly there is transmission of dynamic, ever-changing vinnana dhatu (field-forces) with an “ imprint” of the individual to the next life. Apart from that, there is no transmission of a permanent “Self”, “Soul”, or a “Spirit” from one life to another.[1]


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