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local p = {}

local getArgs

function p._navbar(args) local titleArg = 1

if args.collapsible then titleArg = 2 if not args.plain then = 1 end if args.fontcolor then args.fontstyle = 'color:' .. args.fontcolor .. ';' end = 'float:left; text-align:left' end

local titleText = args[titleArg] or (':' .. mw.getCurrentFrame():getParent():getTitle()) local title =, 'Template');

if not title then error('Invalid title ' .. titleText) end

local talkpage = title.talkPageTitle and title.talkPageTitle.fullText or ;

local div = mw.html.create():tag('div') div :addClass('plainlinks') :addClass('hlist') :addClass('navbar') :cssText(

if then div:addClass('mini') end

if not ( or args.plain) then div :tag('span') :css('word-spacing', 0) :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext(args.text or 'This box:') :wikitext(' ') end

if args.brackets then div :tag('span') :css('margin-right', '-0.125em') :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext('[ ') end

local ul = div:tag('ul');

ul :tag('li') :addClass('nv-view') :wikitext('') :tag( and 'abbr' or 'span') :attr('title', 'View this template') :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext( and 'v' or 'view') :done() :wikitext('') :done() :tag('li') :addClass('nv-talk') :wikitext('') :tag( and 'abbr' or 'span') :attr('title', 'Discuss this template') :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext( and 't' or 'talk') :done() :wikitext('');

if not args.noedit then ul :tag('li') :addClass('nv-edit') :wikitext('[' .. title:fullUrl('action=edit') .. ' ') :tag( and 'abbr' or 'span') :attr('title', 'Edit this template') :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext( and 'e' or 'edit') :done() :wikitext(']'); end

if args.brackets then div :tag('span') :css('margin-left', '-0.125em') :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext(' ]') end

if args.collapsible then div :done() :tag('div') :css('font-size', '114%') :css('margin', and '0 4em' or '0 7em') :cssText(args.fontstyle) :wikitext(args[1]) end

return tostring(div:done()) end

function p.navbar(frame) if not getArgs then getArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgs end return p._navbar(getArgs(frame)) end

return p