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There are twelve months in a year according to the lunar calendar.

Number Name of the month Approximate period in a year
01 Chaitra(Madhu) Mid-March to Mid-April
02 Vaishakha(Madhava) Mid-April to Mid-May
03 Jaishtha(Shuchi) Mid-May to Mid-June
04 Ashadha(Shukra) Mid-June to Mid-July
05 Shravana(Nabha) Mid-July to Mid-August
06 Bhadrapada(Nabhasya) Mid-August to Mid-September
07 Ashvina(Isha) Mid-September to Mid-October
08 Kartika(Urja) Mid-October to Mid-November
09 Margasirsha(Saha) Mid-November to Mid-December
10 Paumsha(Sahasya) Mid-December to Mid-January
11 Magha(Tapa) Mid-January to Mid-February
12 Phalguna(Tapasya) Mid-February to Mid-March

More information

The seasonal regimen for preservation of health and prevention of diseases can be referred in Tasyashiteeya Adhyaya.