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A pure water/rain water, or water purified by the effects of Agastya star (Canopus).

Characteristics of Hamsodaka

दिवा सूर्यांशुसन्तप्तं निशि चन्द्रांशुशीतलम्| कालेन पक्वं निर्दोषमगस्त्येनाविषीकृतम्||४६||

हंसोदकमिति ख्यातं शारदं विमलं शुचि| स्नानपानावगाहेषु हितमम्बु यथाऽमृतम् ||४७|

Water naturally heated with sun rays during daytime and cooled with moon rays during the night, well purified by the course of time and detoxified by the effects of Agastya (the star Canopus) is called Hamsodaka. This is available during sharada and is clean and clear. This water is beneficial as nectar when used for the purpose of bathing and drinking. [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 6/46-47]

Research on Hamsoadaka

A research was conducted with the objective of revalidating the principle of checking the purity of hansodaka. Physico-chemical and microbiological analysis of water during the rise of the Canopus star in the autumn season in different water reservoirs was carried out. In 2015, two litres of water was collected in sterilized glass bottles from water reservoirs, Rakkaskoppa and Fort Lake. In 2016, water samples were collected from Jamboti water. Physico-chemical and microbiological analyses were done at three different periods, like before 15 days of rise of Canopus star, during rise of Canopus star and after 15 days of rise of Canopus star.The physico chemical analysis of water during Canopus star showed that the values of pH, total alkalinity, CaCO3, sulphates, chlorides, biological oxygen demand level were decreased. A reduction in microbiological bacterial count was observed but no changes were noted with fungal count. From these results, it can be interpreted that there was a positive effect of Canopus star on the purification of water, physico chemical and microbiological parameters.However,the results may vary on the level of contamination and environmental conditions.[1]


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