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This is a team that works for research, training, and skill development based upon the concept and practices of Charak Samhita.

About centre

The Charak Samhita Research, Training and Skill Development Centre is established in 2019 in collaboration with Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar through a Memorandum of Understanding between FHED India trust, Delhi and I.P.G.T. & R.A. Jamnagar approved by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

This centre is based upon the Charak Samhita New Edition Project.


The main objective of the centre is to facilitate research on Charak Samhita and continuously update the live edition to make it the most recent and contemporary scientific text.


  1. Create research based scholarly articles on important topics of healthcare as available on Concepts and Contemporary Practices
  2. Create and continuously update Charak Samhita to make it most contemporary edition and its publication as available on Contents
  3. Sponsor research fellowships to bright scholars like Charak Research Fellowships, Prof. M.S.Baghel Memorial Research Fellowships at Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar, India
  4. Organize Educational talk series on health and other important social issues
  5. Organize competitions on important topics like essay competition on health
  6. Organize meetings of editors and advisors
  7. Make audio-visual presentations by healthcare professionals and Ayurveda scholars
  8. Conduct conferences and workshops, social awareness programs on healthcare
  9. Translations of articles and transcriptions of videos
  10. Support affiliated institutional researches

Team members

  • Dr. Gopal Basisht, Project Director, Charak Samhita New Edition Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Anup Thakar, Director, I.T. R.A., Jamnagar, India
  • Dr.Yogesh Deole, Project Coordinator, India
  • Dr.Anagha S., Charak Research Fellow , India
  • Dr.Aneesh E.G., Charak Research Fellow, India
  • Mr.Biju John, PPS (IT) to VC, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, India
  • Mr.Jaydeep Kotecha, Website Developer, India
  • Mr.Sandip Bhagyoday, Website Developer, India
  • All contributors of Charak Samhita New Edition Project

Financial Support

The logistics and expenses incurred in the project are fully funded by FHED (India) trust, Delhi, India. The trust supports all activities related to Charak Samhita New Edition Project and Charak Samhita Research, Training and Skill Development Centre (CSRTSDC).

If you are willing to support the activities and donate, please see the link for donation.

Content use policy

The content on this website and Charak Samhita New Edition are available for academic and learning purpose only. Due credit and attribution must be given and the work must be cited properly while using the content for academic and educational purpose in any form. The use of content for preparing mobile applications, or publish it in any other form is strictly prohibited. For any permissions and queries related to the use of content, communicate to