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About the Project

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=Project Background=
==What is [[Charak Samhita]]?==
The [[Charak Samhita]] /Caraka Samhita(CS, Devanagari :चरक संहिता) is the most referred text of Ayurvedic students, teachers, physicians, scholars, and researchers. The genesis of this text lies in the Agnivesha Tantra, a seminal work of antiquity written by Acharya Agnivesh approximately 3000 year years ago following the Guru-Shishya tradition of knowledge transfer and mentorship. Acharya Charak redacted this information about 2000 years ago, giving the treatise its present name. In the 4th century of the Common Era (CE), Dridhabala added 41 chapters: 17 chapters of Chikitsa sthana, a complete Kalpa sthana of 12 chapters, and the Siddhi sthana of 12 chapters as well, to produce the present preferred version of the text. In the subsequent years, the treatise has not incorporated any changes in its format, though it was enriched from time to time with new interpretations and infusions of new knowledge through redactions and commentaries.
As a text, the [[Charak Samhita]] epitomizes one of the finest examples of teacher-student interactions ever recorded and written, either in ancient or modern times. The [[Charak Samhita]] is considered the best compendium among all available Ayurvedic classic texts as a resource for the medical practitioner. It is not merely a text for the management of diseases - rather it is of the only texts available worldwide on restorative science, emphasizing the promotion of health and prevention of disease as the actual solution for controlling diseases, which is especially relevant in modern times. Further, it also seriously dwells upon the concept of longevity and healthy aging, as described in its chapters on Swasthavritta Chatushka and four parts of Rasayanadhyaya.

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