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--[==[ This is the "S" list of portal image names. It contains a list of portal images for use with Module:Portal -- for portal names that start with the letter "S". For aliases to existing portal names, and for portal names that -- start with other letters, please use the appropriate page from the following list:

-- Module:Portal/images/a - for portal names beginning with "A". -- Module:Portal/images/b - for portal names beginning with "B". -- Module:Portal/images/c - for portal names beginning with "C". -- Module:Portal/images/d - for portal names beginning with "D". -- Module:Portal/images/e - for portal names beginning with "E". -- Module:Portal/images/f - for portal names beginning with "F". -- Module:Portal/images/g - for portal names beginning with "G". -- Module:Portal/images/h - for portal names beginning with "H". -- Module:Portal/images/i - for portal names beginning with "I". -- Module:Portal/images/j - for portal names beginning with "J". -- Module:Portal/images/k - for portal names beginning with "K". -- Module:Portal/images/l - for portal names beginning with "L". -- Module:Portal/images/m - for portal names beginning with "M". -- Module:Portal/images/n - for portal names beginning with "N". -- Module:Portal/images/o - for portal names beginning with "O". -- Module:Portal/images/p - for portal names beginning with "P". -- Module:Portal/images/q - for portal names beginning with "Q". -- Module:Portal/images/r - for portal names beginning with "R". -- Module:Portal/images/t - for portal names beginning with "T". -- Module:Portal/images/u - for portal names beginning with "U". -- Module:Portal/images/v - for portal names beginning with "V". -- Module:Portal/images/w - for portal names beginning with "W". -- Module:Portal/images/x - for portal names beginning with "X". -- Module:Portal/images/y - for portal names beginning with "Y". -- Module:Portal/images/z - for portal names beginning with "Z". -- Module:Portal/images/other - for portal names beginning with any other letters. This includes numbers, -- letters with diacritics, and letters in non-Latin alphabets. -- Module:Portal/images/aliases - for adding aliases for existing portal names. Use this page for variations -- in spelling and diacritics, etc., no matter what letter the portal begins with.

-- When adding entries, please use alphabetical order. The format of the images table entries is as follows: -- ["portal name"] = "image.svg", -- The portal name should be the name of your portal, in lower case. For example, the portal name for -- "Portal:United Kingdom" would be "united kingdom". The image name should be capitalised normally, and the "File:" -- namespace prefix should be omitted. ]==]

return { ["saarc"] = "SAARC 1717549468.png|alt=icon", ["sabah"] = "Flag of Sabah.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["saguenay–lac-saint-jean"] = "Flag of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["sailing"] = "Sailing pictogram.svg|link=|alt=", ["saints"] = "Gloriole blur.svg|link=|alt=", ["saint barthélemy"] = "Flag of Saint Barthelemy (local).svg|link=|alt=", ["saint kitts and nevis"] = "Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg|link=|alt=", ["saint vincent and the grenadines"] = "Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg|link=|alt=", ["saint lucia"] = "Flag of Saint Lucia.svg|link=|alt=", ["samoa"] = "Flag of Samoa.svg|link=|alt=", ["san diego"] = "Flag of San Diego, California.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["san diego county"] = "WPSAN San Diego County Map Version 1.png|alt=icon", ["san diego–tijuana"] = "San Diego-Tijuana JPLLandsat.jpg|link=|alt=", ["san francisco bay area"] = "SF From Marin Highlands3.jpg|border|link=|alt=", ["santana"] = "Carlos Santana 2005.jpg|link=|alt=", ["sarawak"] = "Flag of Sarawak.svg|border|alt=icon", ["saskatchewan"] = "Flag of Saskatchewan.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["saskatchewan communities and neighbourhoods"] = "Flag-map of Saskatchewan.svg|alt=icon", ["saudi arabia"] = "Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["saxony"] = "Flag of Saxony.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["saxony-anhalt"] = "Wappen Sachsen-Anhalt.svg|link=|alt=", ["schleswig-holstein"] = "Landeswappen Schleswig-Holstein.png|link=|alt=", ["schools"] = "School.svg|link=|alt=", ["science"] = "Nuvola apps kalzium.svg|alt=icon", ["science fiction"] = "Sf-userbox.png|alt=icon", ["scientology"] = "Scientology e meter blue.jpg|alt=icon", ["scotland"] = "Flag of Scotland.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["scouting"] = "WikiProject Scouting fleur-de-lis dark.svg|alt=icon", ["seamounts"] = "Seamount.svg|link=|alt=", ["seattle"] = "SpaceNeedleTopClose.jpg|alt=icon", ["sega"] = "SEGA logo.svg|link=|alt=", ["senegal"] = "Flag of Senegal.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["september 11 attacks"] = "Y24-Wtc-september-5.jpg|alt=icon", ["serbia"] = "Flag of Serbia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["serer people"] = "Serer Royal War Drum (Jung-Jung). 19th Century. Jung-Jung From The Kingdom of Sine (in modern day Senegal).jpg|alt=icon", ["serer religion"] = "Five Pointed Star Lined.svg|link=|alt=", ["set theory"] = "Venn0001.svg|link=|alt=", ["seventh-day adventist church"] = "James and Ellen White.jpg|link=|alt=", ["sexuality"] = "Sexual orientation - 4 symbols.svg|alt=icon", ["seychelles"] = "Flag of Seychelles.svg|link=|alt=", ["shakespeare"] = "Shakespeare (oval-cropped).png|link=|alt=", ["shakira"] = "S by shakira logo.png|alt=icon", ["shanghai"] = "Shanghainame.png|link=|alt=", ["shania twain"] = "Shania Twain Portrait.jpg|alt=icon", ["sharjah"] = "Flag of Sharjah.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["sharks"] = "Greyreefsharksmall2.jpg|alt=icon",

   ["shia islam"] = "Ghadir logo.png|alt=icon",

["shinto"] = "Shinto torii icon vermillion.svg|link=|alt=", ["shreya ghoshal"] = "Shreya at concert.jpg|alt=icon", ["sierra leone"] = "Flag of Sierra Leone.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["sikhism"] = "Khanda emblem.svg|link=|alt=", ["silent film"] = "Video-x-generic.svg|link=|alt=", ["silesia"] = "Silesia Inferior COA.svg|alt=icon", ["sindh"] = "Flag of Sindh.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["singapore"] = "Flag of Singapore.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["sint eustatius"] = "Flag of Sint Eustatius.svg|link=|alt=", ["sint maarten"] = "Flag of Sint Maarten.svg|link=|alt=", ["slipknot"] = "SlipknotProject.png|alt=icon", ["slovakia"] = "Flag of Slovakia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["slovenia"] = "Flag of Slovenia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["snk"] = "SNK Playmore logo and wordmark.png|link=|alt=", ["soap operas and telenovelas"] = "Drama-icon.svg|alt=icon", ["soccer in the united states"] = "Soccerball USA.png|link=|alt=", ["social and political philosophy"] = "P derecho.svg|link=|alt=", ["socialism"] = "Red flag II.svg|alt=icon", ["social movements"] = "Peace sign.svg|link=|alt=", ["social sciences"] = "DrustveneNauke.png|alt=icon", ["social welfare and social work"] = "Vista Login Manager Cropped.svg|alt=icon", ["society"] = "Social sciences.svg|alt=icon", ["sociology"] = "Logo sociology.svg|link=|alt=", ["software"] = "Crystal Clear device cdrom unmount.png|alt=icon", ["software testing"] = "Green bug and broom.svg|alt=icon", ["solar system"] = "Solar system.jpg|link=|alt=", ["solomon islands"] = "Flag of Solomon Islands.svg|link=|alt=", ["somalia"] = "Flag of Somalia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["somaliland"] = "Flag of Somaliland.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["somerset"] = "Somerset shield.png|alt=icon", ["sonic"] = "Chaos emeralds.svg|alt=icon", ["sony"] = "Sony logo.svg|link=|alt=", ["sony playstation"] = "PS3-slim-console.png|link=|alt=", ["south africa"] = "Flag of South Africa.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["south america"] = "South America.png|alt=icon", ["south asia"] = "India 78.40398E 20.74980N.jpg|link=|alt=", ["south australia"] = "Flag of South Australia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["south carolina"] = "Flag of South Carolina.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["south dakota"] = "Flag of South Dakota.svg|border|alt=icon", ["southeast asia"] = "Location Southeast Asia.svg|link=|alt=", ["south east england"] = "EnglandSouthEast.png|alt=icon", ["southern california"] = "HollywoodSign.jpg|alt=icon", ["south korea"] = "Flag of South Korea.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["south park"] = "South Park sign logo.png|link=|alt=", ["south sudan"] = "Flag of South Sudan.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["southwest asia"] = "Southwest-Asia-map.PNG|link=|alt=", ["soviet union"] = "Flag of the Soviet Union.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["space"] = "Earth-moon.jpg|link=|alt=", ["spaceflight"] = "RocketSunIcon.svg|link=|alt=", ["spain"] = "Flag of Spain.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["spanish american wars of independence"] = "Red versus blue swords.svg|alt=icon", ["special operations"] = "APP-6 Special Operations Forces.svg|link=|alt=", ["speculative fiction"] = "Dragon-149393.svg|alt=icon", ["spirituality"] = "EndlessKnot03d.png|link=|alt=", ["spongebob squarepants"] = "WikiProject SpongeBob logo - Logo.svg|alt=icon", ["sport in canada"] = "Flag shirt of Canada.png|alt=icon", ["sports"] = "Sports icon.png|link=|alt=", ["sports and games"] = "Sports and games.png|alt=icon", ["sri lanka"] = "Flag of Sri Lanka.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["st. john's, newfoundland and labrador"] = "City of St. John's.jpg|link=|alt=", ["stamford"] = "Stamford town crest.png|alt=icon", ["star"] = "He1523a.jpg|alt=icon", ["star trek"] = "Delta-shield.svg|link=|alt=", ["star wars"] = "Lightsaber blue.svg|link=|alt=", ["state of georgia"] = "Flag of Georgia (U.S. state).svg|border|link=|alt=", ["statistics"] = "Fisher iris versicolor sepalwidth.svg|alt=icon", ["steampunk"] = "Steampunk-falksen.jpg|alt=icon", ["strategy games"] = "Chess.svg|alt=icon", ["submarine"] = "Submarine.svg|alt=icon", ["sudan"] = "Flag of Sudan.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["sufism"] = "Soefi symbool.gif|link=|alt=", ["superhero fiction"] = "Question bubble thing.svg|link=|alt=", ["supreme court of the united states"] = "Supreme Court.jpg|link=|alt=", ["suriname"] = "Flag of Suriname.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["surrey"] = "EnglandSurrey.png|alt=icon", ["sussex"] = "SussexBrit5.PNG|link=|alt=", ["sustainable development"] = "Sustainable development.svg|alt=icon", ["swaziland"] = "Flag of Swaziland.svg|link=|alt=", ["sweden"] = "Flag of Sweden.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["swimming"] = "Swimming pictogram.svg|link=|alt=", ["switzerland"] = "Flag of Switzerland.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["sydney"] = "Sydney COA.gif|alt=icon", ["syracuse, new york"] = "SyracuseSkyline01.JPG|link=|alt=", ["syria"] = "Flag of Syria.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["syriac"] = "Syriac Sertâ book script.jpg|link=|alt=", ["syriac christianity"] = "Bible and Pulpit, Mor Hananyo.jpg|alt=icon", ["syrian civil war"] = "Flag of Syria (2011 combined).svg|border|link=|alt=", ["systems science"] = "Complex-adaptive-system.jpg|link=|alt=", ["são tomé and príncipe"] = "Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg|border|link=|alt=" }