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--[==[ This is the "M" list of portal image names. It contains a list of portal images for use with Module:Portal -- for portal names that start with the letter "M". For aliases to existing portal names, and for portal names that -- start with other letters, please use the appropriate page from the following list:

-- Module:Portal/images/a - for portal names beginning with "A". -- Module:Portal/images/b - for portal names beginning with "B". -- Module:Portal/images/c - for portal names beginning with "C". -- Module:Portal/images/d - for portal names beginning with "D". -- Module:Portal/images/e - for portal names beginning with "E". -- Module:Portal/images/f - for portal names beginning with "F". -- Module:Portal/images/g - for portal names beginning with "G". -- Module:Portal/images/h - for portal names beginning with "H". -- Module:Portal/images/i - for portal names beginning with "I". -- Module:Portal/images/j - for portal names beginning with "J". -- Module:Portal/images/k - for portal names beginning with "K". -- Module:Portal/images/l - for portal names beginning with "L". -- Module:Portal/images/n - for portal names beginning with "N". -- Module:Portal/images/o - for portal names beginning with "O". -- Module:Portal/images/p - for portal names beginning with "P". -- Module:Portal/images/q - for portal names beginning with "Q". -- Module:Portal/images/r - for portal names beginning with "R". -- Module:Portal/images/s - for portal names beginning with "S". -- Module:Portal/images/t - for portal names beginning with "T". -- Module:Portal/images/u - for portal names beginning with "U". -- Module:Portal/images/v - for portal names beginning with "V". -- Module:Portal/images/w - for portal names beginning with "W". -- Module:Portal/images/x - for portal names beginning with "X". -- Module:Portal/images/y - for portal names beginning with "Y". -- Module:Portal/images/z - for portal names beginning with "Z". -- Module:Portal/images/other - for portal names beginning with any other letters. This includes numbers, -- letters with diacritics, and letters in non-Latin alphabets. -- Module:Portal/images/aliases - for adding aliases for existing portal names. Use this page for variations -- in spelling and diacritics, etc., no matter what letter the portal begins with.

-- When adding entries, please use alphabetical order. The format of the images table entries is as follows: -- ["portal name"] = "image.svg", -- The portal name should be the name of your portal, in lower case. For example, the portal name for -- "Portal:United Kingdom" would be "united kingdom". The image name should be capitalised normally, and the "File:" -- namespace prefix should be omitted. ]==]

return { ["m*a*s*h"] = "Mash-logo2.JPG|alt=icon", ["macau"] = "Flag of Macau.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["macedonia (greece)"] = "Flag of Greek Macedonia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["madagascar"] = "Flag of Madagascar.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["madonna (entertainer)"] = "Madonnaicon.jpg|alt=icon", ["maharashtra"] = "Maharashtra in India.svg|alt=icon", ["mahayana buddhism"] = "Fæ.png|alt=icon", ["maine"] = "Flag of Maine.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["malacca"] = "Flag of Malacca.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["malawi"] = "Flag of Malawi.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["malaysia"] = "Flag of Malaysia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["maldives"] = "Flag of Maldives.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mali"] = "Flag of Mali.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["malta"] = "Flag of Malta.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mammals"] = "Okapi2.jpg|alt=icon",

   ["mandatory palestine"] = "Flag of the United Kingdom.svg|border|link=|alt=",

["manila"] = "Ph seal ncr manila.png|link=|alt=", ["manitoba"] = "Flag of Manitoba.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["maps"] = "Worldmap LandAndPolitical.jpg|link=|alt=", ["mariah carey"] = "Mariah's signature.png|link=|alt=", ["marine life"] = "Yellow.tang.arp.jpg|link=|alt=", ["mario"] = "Mario emblem.svg|link=|alt=", ["mars"] = "Mars Hubble.jpg|link=|alt=", ["marshall islands"] = "Flag of the Marshall Islands.svg|alt=icon", ["martial arts"] = "Yin and Yang.svg|link=|alt=", ["martinique"] = "Flag of Martinique.svg|alt=icon", ["marvel cinematic universe"] = "MarvelLogo.svg|link=|alt=", ["marvin gaye"] = "Marvin Gaye (1973).png|link=|alt=", ["maryland"] = "Flag of Maryland.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["maryland roads"] = "MD blank.svg|link=|alt=", ["masculinism"] = "Male Liberation Symbol.png|link=|alt=", ["mass surveillance"] = "Stylized eye.svg|link=|alt=", ["massachusetts"] = "Coat of arms of Massachusetts.svg|link=|alt=", ["mathematics"] = "Nuvola apps edu mathematics blue-p.svg|alt=icon", ["mauricie"] = "Energie Shawinigan.JPG|link=|alt=", ["mauritania"] = "Flag of Mauritania.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mauritius"] = "Flag of Mauritius.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mcb"] = "1axc tricolor.png|alt=icon", ["mecklenburg-vorpommern"] = "Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["media"] = "Icon Camera.svg|alt=icon", ["medicine"] = "WHO Rod.svg|alt=icon|link=", ["mediterranean"] = "Mediterranean Relief.jpg|link=|alt=", ["melbourne"] = "Melbourne COA.jpg|alt=icon", ["men's rights"] = "Symbol mars.svg|alt=icon", ["men in black"] = "Sunglasses-1 retouch.png|alt=icon", ["merseyside"] = "County Flag of Merseyside.svg|border|alt=", ["mesoamerica"] = "Máscara de Xiuhtecuhtli Cultura Azteza-Mixteca Ars Summum.JPG|link=|alt=", ["messianic judaism"] = "Messianic symbols.png|link=|alt=", ["metaphysics"] = "WLANL - Marjolein Benard - Little thought No. 2, Qiangli Liang (2005) detail.jpg|alt=icon", ["methodism"] = "Logo of the United Methodist Church.svg|link=|alt=", ["metro detroit"] = "Muscle car Detroit.svg|alt=icon", ["mexico"] = "Flag of Mexico.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["miami"] = "Seal of Miami, Florida.svg|link=|alt=", ["michael jackson"] = "Michael-jackson-vector-2.jpg|alt=icon", ["michigan"] = "Flag of Michigan.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["michigan highways"] = "M-Blank.svg|link=|alt=", ["micronations"] = "Sealand fortress.jpg|link=|alt=", ["micronesia"] = "Map of Micronesia Oceania.png|link=|alt=", ["microsoft"] = "M box.svg|link=|alt=", ["middle-earth"] = "Arda.Tengwar.svg|link=|alt=", ["middle ages"] = "The Metropolitan M Stamp.PNG|alt=icon", ["middle east"] = "MiddleEast blacky.svg|link=|alt=", ["milan"] = "Galleria vittorio emanuele ii 02.jpg|alt=icon", ["miles davis"] = "Miles Davis by Palumbo.jpg|alt=icon", ["miley cyrus"] = "MileyCyrus signature.svg|link=|alt=", ["military history"] = "Waricon.svg|link=|alt=", ["military history of africa"] = "Waricon.svg|link=|alt=", ["military history of the ottoman empire"] = "Topcu arma.jpg|link=|alt=", ["military of ancient rome"] = "Scutum 1.jpg|alt=icon", ["military of australia"] = "Flag of Australia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["military history of france"] = "France Ancient.svg|alt=icon", ["military of germany"] = "Bundeswehr Kreuz Black.svg|link=|alt=", ["military of greece"] = "Flag of Greece.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["military of india"] = "Flag of India.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["military of pakistan"] = "Flag of the Pakistani Army.svg|border|alt=icon", ["military of the united states"] = "Flag of the United States.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["millennium"] = "Ouroboros-simple.svg|link=|alt=", ["mind and brain"] = "Phrenology1.jpg|link=|alt=", ["mining"] = "Schlaegel und Eisen nach DIN 21800.svg|link=|alt=", ["minnesota"] = "Flag of Minnesota.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["miskolc"] = "CoA Miskolc.gif|link=|alt=", ["mississippi"] = "Flag of Mississippi.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["missouri"] = "Flag of Missouri.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mitt romney"] = "Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 6.jpg|alt=icon", ["mizoram"] = "Seal of Mizoram.svg|link=|alt=", ["mma"] = "Uffizi Florence Wrestlers 1.png|link=|alt=", ["moldova"] = "Flag of Moldova.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["molecular and cell biology"] = "TPI1 structure.png|link=|alt=", ["molecular anthropology"] = "Mol Anth Ico.PNG|link=|alt=", ["mombasa"] = "Flag of Mombasa.png|border|link=|alt=", ["monarchy"] = "Crown of Saint Edward Heraldry.svg|alt=icon", ["mongolia"] = "Flag of Mongolia.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["monmouth"] = "Upside down Wikipedia W.jpg|link=|alt=", ["montana"] = "Flag of Montana.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["montenegro"] = "Flag of Montenegro.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["montreal"] = "Flag of Montreal.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["montserrat"] = "Flag of Montserrat.svg|alt=", ["moon"] = "Moon-Mdf-2005.jpg|alt=icon", ["morocco"] = "Flag of Morocco.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["moscow"] = "Coat of Arms of Moscow.svg|link=|alt=", ["motorcycle racing"] = "IlmorX3-003.png|alt=icon", ["motorsport"] = "Auto Racing Chequered.svg|link=|alt=", ["motörhead"] = "Lemmy Kilmister.jpg|alt=icon", ["mountains"] = "Peak of the Matterhorn, seen from Zermatt, Switzerland.jpg|link=|alt=", ["mozambique"] = "Flag of Mozambique.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mumbai"] = "Mumbai Taj.JPG|alt=icon", ["muppets"] = "Muppets - first Disney logo.svg|link=|alt=", ["music"] = "Audio a.svg|link=|alt=", ["musical theatre"] = "MTLogo2.png|link=|alt=", ["music of australia"] = "WikiProject Australian Music.svg|link=|alt=", ["music of canada"] = "Tower-wireless-can.png|alt=icon", ["myanmar"] = "Flag of Myanmar.svg|border|link=|alt=", ["mythology"] = "Draig.svg|link=|alt=" }