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The word 'vidnyana' or 'vijnana' is made by adding the prefix 'vi' to 'dnyana'. 'Vi' means specific and 'dnyana' means knowledge. In Ayurveda, the word is used to denote shaastra or scientific knowledge. Following characteristics are observed to follow a medical treatise. [Cha.Sa.Vimana Sthana 8/3]

Characteristics of medical treatise

Different medical treatises (and traditions) are available in society. The wise physician shall select one with following characters:

  • which is comprehensive providing all information
  • successful, followed by prominent and wise men(successful practitioners)
  • with detailed meanings
  • regarded by authorities
  • useful to all three types of learners ( with good, moderate and poor intellect)
  • free from the deformity of reiteration
  • descending from the sages (which is written by experienced, intuitive person)
  • with well- formed presentation, discussion and conclusion
  • having informative title and firm base free from weak and difficult words
  • having comprehensive knowledge of subject
  • with proper sequencing of its contents
  • committed principally to arriving at the essence of thoughts, which reveals clear meanings and concrete conclusion
  • focused on the particular subject without wavering ideas and irrelevant content
  • quickly understandable with separated topics, effectively comprehensible, and having definitions showed with examples.

Such treatise with pure knowledge is similar to sun which enlightens the whole subject while warding off the darkness.

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