Upadrava means complications. (Code: SAT-C.134)[1]


उपद्रवस्तु खलु रोगोत्तरकालजो रोगाश्रयो रोग एव स्थूलोऽणुर्वा, रोगात् पश्चाज्जायत इत्युपद्रवसञ्ज्ञः|

तत्र प्रधानो व्याधिः, व्याधेर्गुणभूत उपद्रवः, तस्य प्रायः प्रधानप्रशमे प्रशमो भवति |

स तु पीडाकरतरो भवति पश्चादुत्पद्यमानो व्याधिपरिक्लिष्टशरीरत्वात्; तस्मादुपद्रवं त्वरमाणोऽभिबाधेत ||४०||

Upadrava (complication) is major or minor disorder itself, manifesting at a later stage of disease and rooted in the main disease. Upadrava manifests after the disease. Hence the main disease is primary and complication is secondary. It is generally pacified when the main disease gets pacified. It is more troublesome than the main disease itself, because it appears in the later stages of disease when the body is already weakened. Hence, one should treat the complications very promptly.(Cha. Chi. 21/40)

Source of quotation

Visarpa Chikitsa


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