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Ayurveda - darshana

Ayurveda is the art and science of life, it is astika darshana (believes in God). It is believed that human life is blessed and it is bestowed as a result of good deeds in many past lives. It is essential for humans to get involved in good deeds so that the life will be happier. The present chapter discusses the desires to be fulfilled in present birth and to achieve good life in next world after death. This chapter is designated as Tistraishaniya Adhyaya[1], (Tisra+ Eshana+Cha), the word tistraishana is formed by the union of tistra+ eshana. It begins with the description about three eshanas or pursuits of life, longevity, acquiring wealth and happiness in next world. eshantye anevishante eti aeshana= echha [2] one which is searched and has some initiation.[3] [4]

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