Mano vikara

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Mental or psychological disorders are enlisted as Mano (originating from mind) vikara (disorders).

List of psychological disorders

ईर्ष्याशोकभयक्रोधमानद्वेषादयश्च ये| मनोविकारास्तेऽप्युक्ताः सर्वे प्रज्ञापराधजाः||५२||

Jealousy, grief, fear, anger, egoism and hatred, etc. and all other mentioned mental disorders result from defects in one’s intellect. [Cha. Sutra Sthana 7/52]

Prajnaparadha (Intellectual error/defect)

Intellectual defect is considered as the fundamental cause of all psychological disorders.

List of major psychiatric diseases

Unmada and Apasmara are enlisted as two major psychiatric diseases.