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Ayurveda has comprehensive understanding of health as described by Charak and Sushruta where five components of health are described as follows:

  • Three dosha (interaction between epigenes and genes)- vata, pitta, and kapha - are the fundamental physiological governing regulators of the body,
  • Agni (metabolic and digestive processes by various enzymes and interaction with microsomes)
  • Dhatu (principles that uphold the formation of body tissues).
  • Mala or bodily wastes produced that are either reutilized or excreted well, and
  • The state of sense organs, mind and the Soul.

A trained Ayurvedic physician can clinically identify disequilibrium of these factors and rectify them to prevent disease.


Aarogya, Swastha, Swasthya, Arogata, Samya, Prakriti.

Importance of health

धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणामारोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम्||१५||

रोगास्तस्यापहर्तारः श्रेयसो जीवितस्य च|

Health is the best source of virtue, wealth, gratification and emancipation while diseases are destroyers of this (source), welfare and life itself. (Cha.Su.1/15)

How to preserve balance of Dhatu

देशकालात्मगुणविपरीतानां हि कर्मणामाहारविकाराणां च क्रियोपयोगः सम्यक्, सर्वातियोगसन्धारणम्,असन्धारणमुदीर्णानां च गतिमतां, साहसानां च वर्जनं, स्वस्थवृत्तमेतावध्दातूनां साम्यानुग्रहार्थमुपदिश्यते||८|| For the maintenance of the equilibrium of dhatus, one should follow proper activities and diet having properties opposite to the geographical condition, season and physical constitution of the individual; one should observe proper utilization of (physical and mental) capabilities as well as of available resources like time; One should avoid excess utilization of anything; one should not suppress manifested natural urges and should also avoid working beyond one’s capacity. (Cha.Sha.6/8)

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