Anukta vyadhi

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The diseases that are not mentioned in the text or newly identified are categorized under 'anukta vyadhi'.

Protocol fop identification of new diseases

विकारनामाकुशलो न जिह्रीयात् कदाचन| न हि सर्वविकाराणां नामतोऽस्ति ध्रुवा स्थितिः||४४||

स एव कुपितो दोषः समुत्थानविशेषतः| स्थानान्तरगतश्चैव जनयत्यामयान् बहून् ||४५||

तस्माद्विकारप्रकृतीरधिष्ठानान्तराणि च| समुत्थानविशेषांश्च बुद्ध्वा कर्म समाचरेत्||४६||

यो ह्येतत्त्रितयं ज्ञात्वा कर्माण्यारभते भिषक्| ज्ञानपूर्वं यथान्यायं स कर्मसु न मुह्यति||४७||

One should not be ashamed of one’s inability to name a disease, since all disorders cannot be given standard names. There are innumerable diseases because the same vitiated dosha causes various disorders according to variations in etiology and location. Hence one should initiate any treatment after acquiring complete knowledge of following:

  • Inherent nature of the disease
  • Its pathogenesis
  • Origin or site of lesion and location of presentation
  • Etiological factors.


The one who initiates the treatment after knowing all these things, rationally and according to prescribed procedure, does not get confused in actions. (Cha.Su. 18/44-47)