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Vaidya means a person who is well versed in the science and medical skills. In Ayurveda, it means a good knowledgeable doctor or physician who treats the patient.

Synonyms: Chikitsak, Bhishak

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Qualities of ideal vaidya

विद्या वितर्को विज्ञानं स्मृतिस्तत्परता क्रिया| यस्यैते षड्गुणास्तस्य न साध्यमतिवर्तते||२१||

Nothing is impossible to a vaidya who possess following six qualities:

  1. Learning
  2. Rationality or capacity for innovative thinking
  3. Specific scientific knowledge
  4. Memory
  5. Devotion to performing timely duties and
  6. Action (clinical practice). [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 9 /21]

Qualities to attain qualification as 'vaidya'

विद्या मतिः कर्मदृष्टिरभ्यासः सिद्धिराश्रयः| वैद्यशब्दाभिनिष्पत्तावलमेकैकमप्यतः||२२||

यस्य त्वेते गुणाः सर्वे सन्ति विद्यादयः शुभाः| स वैद्यशब्दं सद्भूतमर्हन् प्राणिसुखप्रदः||२३||

Learning, wisdom, practical knowledge, experience, accomplishments, and continual guidance from eminent mentors – of these, even one quality is sufficient to add significance to the degree of vaidya. The one, who possesses all the auspicious qualities like learning etc., deserves to hold the honorable degree of vaidya who showers happiness on all living beings. [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 9 /22-23]

Qualities of the best vaidya (knowledgeable physician)

श्रुते पर्यवदातत्वं बहुशो दृष्टकर्मता| दाक्ष्यं शौचमिति ज्ञेयं वैद्ये गुणचतुष्टयम्||६||

A vaidya should possess the qualities such as proficiency in theoretical knowledge (that is learnt), extensive practical experience, dexterity and purity (of body and mind). [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 9 / 6]

Qualities of pranabhisara (life saviour) physician

तस्माच्छास्त्रेऽर्थविज्ञाने प्रवृत्तौ कर्मदर्शने| भिषक् चतुष्टये युक्तः प्राणाभिसर उच्यते||१८||

A physician possessing four qualities - indulgence in scientific knowledge, clear understanding, right application, and practical experience - is known as the one who promotes life i.e. pranabhisara. [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 9 / 18]

Qualities of a royal physician

हेतौ लिङ्गे प्रशमने रोगाणामपुनर्भवे| ज्ञानं चतुर्विधं यस्य स राजार्हो भिषक्तमः||१९||

The physician, who possesses knowledge of etiology, symptomatology, therapeutics and prevention of diseases, is the best among physicians and is fit for becoming a royal physician. [ Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 9 /19]

Ideal attitude of physician towards patients

मैत्री कारुण्यमार्तेषु शक्ये प्रीतिरुपेक्षणम्| प्रकृतिस्थेषु भूतेषु वैद्यवृत्तिश्चतुर्विधेति||२६||

Friendliness, compassion towards the diseased, attachment to the remediable and indifference to those who are moving towards the end (death) – this is the fourfold attitude of an ideal physician. [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 9 /26]

Qualities of a practicing Physician

स्मृतिमान् हेतुयुक्तिज्ञो जितात्मा प्रतिपत्तिमान्| भिषगौषधसंयोगैश्चिकित्सां कर्तुमर्हति||३६||

A physician endowed with good memory (smriti), knowledge of cause and effect of disease (hetu-yuktijna), self restraint (jitatma), and presence of mind (pratipattiman), is entitled to practice Ayurveda through the combination of various drugs. [Cha.Sa. Sutra Sthana 2 /36]

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