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Sutra Sthana Chapter 7. Non-suppressible and suppressible natural urges and other factors for health

Naveganadharaniya Adhyaya
Section/Chapter Sutra Sthana Chapter 7
Tetrad/Sub-section Swastha Chatushka
Preceding Chapter Tasyashiteeya Adhyaya
Succeeding Chapter Indriyopakramaniya Adhyaya
Other Sections Nidana Sthana, Vimana Sthana, Sharira Sthana, Indriya Sthana, Chikitsa Sthana, Kalpa Sthana, Siddhi Sthana
Translator and commentator Deole Y. S.
Reviewer Rao M.
Editor Reddy P.S.
Date of publication December 17, 2018


This chapter describes preventive measures for endogenous and exogenous diseases. The auto-regulated system of body cleanses out metabolic waste products through various channels and maintains equilibrium in the body. This systematic natural mechanism is termed as Vega (Natural urges) and should not be suppressed to maintain health. This chapter includes thirteen types of natural urges, disorders due to their long term suppression and their treatment. It also emphasizes on observation of proper dietary regimen and timely exercise as per the individual’s unique body constitution. Means for maintaining psychological and social well-being for prevention of psycho-spiritual disorders are described in detail. The methods of prevention of diseases by improving strength, by knowing one’s own body constitution, maintaining psycho-spiritual balance and following an ideal dietary and lifestyle regimen suited to one’s unique constitution have been provided here.

Keywords: Vega(Natural urge), cleansing, Prakriti(Body constitution), Vyayama (exercise), Pragyaparadha(intellectual defects), Agantu roga (exogenous diseases), psychological diseases, seasonal body purification, prevention of exogenous diseases, curd.