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Q. Rani Singh: Why this Mahachatushpada chapter is described when Khuddaka chatushpada is already there?

Answers: Khuddak means minor or small or less important. Maha means major or great or highly important. The context of both chapters of Khuddaka chatushpada and Mahachatushpada is related, but different. Both the chapters are guiding manuals for successful healthcare system. However, in the earlier one, the components like basic requisites for healthcare system including physician, patient, paramedical staff and medicine are described. While in the later chapter, the important aspects of in field practices like general principles of management and factors affecting prognosis of disease resulting in success of healthcare practice are described.

The earlier one can be managed offline, however the later one is important because it is online and live practice hence it is major. The same can be referred in Khuddhikagarbhavakranti Shariram and Mahati Garbhavakranti Shariram.