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Abnormalities in intra uterine growth

Two conditions, namely garbha-shosha (emaciation of fetus) and garbha-parisriti (discharges), have been cited as reasons for the phenomenon termed as “long intrauterine stay”. This kind of manifestation is also found in vata-abhipanna garbha (fetus affected by vata dosha) (SS.Sa.10/57), emaciated fetus afflicted with vataja disorders (AS.Sa.2/37) and vatodara (vata dominant enlargement of abdomen) (BhS.Sa.3/6-7). This condition could be correlated with intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). (15)

It is interesting to note that none of the vedic texts – Ayurvedic or otherwise – blamed the mother for complications and abnormalities in pregnancy. Instead, they seem to attribute those to God’s will and the karmic deeds of the children born with those defects. (16)