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This wiki is a definitive source of reference information on the Charak Samhita. Any contribution to this site would be moderated and reviewed before approval. For contributions, please ensure that your material is cited properly. Do not submit any copyrighted work without permission.


This edition is a result of collective work done by contributors from various Ayurveda institutes in India. The translation of the chapters is done and relevant English meaning for Sanskrit terms is given in the bracket to understand its relative contexts. However the exact English translation of Sanskrit terms do not serve the purpose of in depth understanding of real essence of text. Therefore it is advisable to learn Sanskrit terminologies in its original forms for better insights. Ayurveda can be best learnt by direct teaching. It is always live process of learning and editing this version of Charak Samhita. The text given here shall serve as a learning material for reference. The editors, contributors do not hold responsibility for any misuse of the information given here.


The content available on the website do not replace medical prescription and consultation. The contents provided by authors are their personal views. The website owner does not hold responsibility for the authenticity of the content provided by the authors.


The content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise noted. It can be used for non-commercial academic purposes after taking prior permission from the centre and with proper citation of the source material. You may email us on

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