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Collyrium It is a kind of Ocular therapeutic procedures.
Description: A procedure in which the medicine is applied on lower conjunctiva of eye in form of collyrium.

Frequency of application and types of collyrium

सौवीरमञ्जनं नित्यं हितमक्ष्णोः प्रयोजयेत्|

पञ्चरात्रेऽष्टरात्रे वा स्रावणार्थे रसाञ्जनम्||१५||

One should daily apply the collyrium of sauviranjana (antimony sulphide), which is beneficial to the eyes.; one should use rasanjana (aqueous extract of Berberis aristata) once in every fifth or eighth night for cleansing drainage of the eyes. [Cha.Su. 5/15]

Direction of use

चक्षुस्तेजोमयं तस्य विशेषाच्छ्लेष्मतो भयम्|

ततः श्लेष्महरं कर्म हितं दृष्टेः प्रसादनम्||१६||

दिवा तन्न प्रयोक्तव्यं नेत्रयोस्तीक्ष्णमञ्जनम्|

विरेकदुर्बला दृष्टिरादित्यं प्राप्य सीदति||१७||

तस्मात् स्राव्यं निशायां तु ध्रुवमञ्जनमिष्यते|१८|

The eye is the element of agni. So, it is susceptible to vitiated kapha. Therefore, measures that pacify kapha are beneficial for keeping the vision clear. Strong collyrium shall not be applied to the eyes during daytime as the eyes already weakened by drainage will get impaired further on exposure to sunshine. Therefore, the collyrium meant for cleansing drainage is indicated exclusively at night. [Cha.Su. 5/16-17]

Importance and benefits of collyrium application

यथा हि कनकादीनां मलिनां विविधात्मनाम्||१८||

धौतानां निर्मला शुद्धिस्तैलचेलकचादिभिः| एवं नेत्रेषु मर्त्यानामञ्जनाश्च्योतनादिभिः||१९||

दृष्टिर्निराकुला भाति निर्मले नभसीन्दुवत्|२०|

Just as various kinds of tarnished gold-ornaments get cleansed by washing with oil, cloth and hairs.s also, by the use of salves, aspersions in the eyes, the vision of a person shines brightly like moon in the clear sky. [Cha.Su. 5/18-20]

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