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Amashaya is a part of gastrointestinal tract where complete digestion of all food takes place. After complete digestion, the digested essence of food reaches all the body organs through vessels.

Anatomical location

Surface anatomy describes amashaya as the organ situated between the umbilicus and the breast. In this context, Chakrapani mentioned the two segments of amashaya as upper segment (urdhva amashaya) and the lower segment (adho amashaya). Seat of pitta refers lower segment (adho amashaya) which clearly differentiates from the upper segment of kapha dosha. Anatomically Stomach can be considered as upper segment of amashaya. Small intestine along with liver and pancreas can be considered as the lower segment of amashaya.

Dosha in Amashaya

Amashaya is a seat of pitta dosha and kapha dosha. [Cha. Sa.Sutra Sthana 20/8] The Pachaka pitta and kledaka kapha play important role in digestion.

Diseases originating from Amashaya

Disorders originated from amashaya are specifically grouped as the disorders having a predominance of kapha and pitta dosha.[Cha.Sa.Vimana Sthana 6/3] The disorders like hikka (hiccups) and shwasa (dyspnea) originate from amashaya. Predominance of kapha and vata dosha in manifestation of these respiratory disorders. [Cha.Sa.Chikitsa Sthana17/8]

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