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Nidana Sthana

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Knowledge of disease
===Knowledge of disease===
After thorough examination of an individual, one shall evaluate the disease. The second part of diagnostic protocol provides comprehensive knowledge of disease. This includes the methods to elucidate causative factors([[hetu]]), observe premonitory signs and symptoms([[purvarupa]]), clinical features[[rupa]], pathogenesis ([[samprapti]]), and pacifying factors ([[upashaya]]). The set of these five diagnostic tools is called as 'Nidana Panchaka'. This is described and applied in clinical practice to know each disequilibrium condition.
The phenomena of a disease causing another disease is described as [[Nidanarthakara roga]]. [[Upadrava]] (complications), [[Udarka]] (marks of disease after it is cured) are applied for knowing the cause-effect relationship in pathogenesis of disease.

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