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Nidana Sthana

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Guidelines to diagnose diseases not mentioned in text
These eight chapters represent major pathogenesis of diseases described in details in this section. The eight chapters of this section, focus upon eight disorders related with vitiated ''dosha'' acting on various ''dhatu'' to vitiate them.
===Guidelines to diagnose ''anukta vyadhi'' (untold and newly recognized diseases not mentioned in text)===
Any new disease, not mentioned in this text, should be studied with investigation of vitiated ''dosha'' and ''dushya'' (vitiated ''dhatu'' and other body components) first because all endogenous diseases start with vitiation of ''dosha''. The enlisted causative factors elucidated in the detailed history of a patient’s diet, lifestyle, psychological frame and others direct the vitiation of a specific ''dosha''. Then their status (increase or decrease) can be assessed based on the premonitory signs and clinical features, followed by evaluation of aggravating (''anupashaya'') and pacifying (''upashaya'') factors. The sequence of events in the pathogenesis of a disease is understood and accordingly treatment protocol is formulated.
''Prajnaparadha'' (intellectual errors, or knowingly violating rules) is the chief responsible factor for causation of all endogenous and exogenous diseases. ''Asatmenriyarthasamyoga'' (improper union of senses with their objects) and ''parinama''(time) are other two causative factors . Therefore, this principle points that so called idiopathic diseases of unknown etiology have a definite cause,that needs to be searched and removed for its management.

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