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Nidana Sthana

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Analysis of the individual
====Analysis of the individual====
''Ayurvedic'' diagnosis has two parts - the first being an evaluation of the self-healing capacity of the body which depends upon equilibrium of five components, namely ''doshas'' (body humors), ''agni'' (digestive and metabolic capacity), ''dhatu'' (body tissues), ''mala'' (waste) and psycho-spiritual state. Health is a state of equilibrium, whereas disease is a state of dis-equilibrium of any of these factors. According to [[Chikitsaprabhritiya Adhyaya#Swabhavoparama vada (theory of natural destruction)|''swabhavoparam vada'' (theory of natural resolution)]], the resolution / destruction of the existing always happen naturally in the course of time. [[Chikitsaprabhritiya Adhyaya#Swabhavoparama vada (theory of natural destruction)|(Cha.Su.16/27)]] So the nature itself heals disequilibrium. This aspect of host defence mechanism is important to be assessed for knowing natural healing capacity of an individual. In the fourth chapter of [[Nidana Sthana]], [[Prameha Nidana]], [[Prameha Nidana#Process of Onset of Disease|the process of onset of disease]] through interaction between aggravating and pacifying factors to cause disease is described.[[Prameha Nidana#Process of Onset of Disease|(Cha.Ni.4/4)]] If the host defense factors are stronger than aggravating ones, then the disease will not occur and vice versa. Therefore, before making diagnosis of a disease, [[Rogabhishagjitiya Vimana#Examination of patient|examination of patient ]] is important with emphasis on his ''prakriti'' (basic constitution), ''sara'' (quality of tissues) etc described in context of [[Rogabhishagjitiya Vimana#Examination of patient in context of |ten fold examination of patient(Cha.Vi.8/94-131)]]. Every person has a unique constitution and hence the same biological investigations cannot be precise to assess his health status completely. Personalized assessment is important to diagnose normal and abnormal state of the individual.
====Analysis of disease====

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