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Kalpa Sthana

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Table no 1: Kalpa Sthana Contents at a Glance
[[MadanakalpaAdhyaya]](pharmaceutical preparations)is the very first chapter of [[Kalpa Sthana]] of [[Charaka Samhita]]. In all, there are twelve chapters in this section, of which the first six including ''Madanakalpa'' describe the various pharmaceutical formulations for emesis while the remaining six describe various purgative pharmaceutical preparations. Each chapter is named after a plant drug and in every chapter many compound formulations with suitable plant drugs are also given. Grossly, all twelve chapters can be divided into ''Vamana'' and ''Virechana'' ''Kalpa''. The literal meaning of ''Vamana'' is to eliminate the ''doshas''(impurities) from gastro-oral route whereas from lower tract- through anus it is known as purgative. Since impurities are eliminated in both the cases, hence, it is known as ''Virechanasanjna'' (evacuative)(Ca.Ka.1/4).
=== Salient features of [[Kalpa Sthana]] ===

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