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<div id="articlecount" style="font-size:100%;">with [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles  
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Welcome to Charak Samhita -New Edition
The Definitive Online Edition of Ayurveda's Core Treatise on Healthcare
with 346 articles

With ever increasing incidence of disease in humans, modern medical science is focused on disease management. Prevention of disease and promotion of health is not well addressed because there is no clear understanding what human health is? Ayurveda has best definition of health with its clear components and how to take of them to achieve optimum health. This knowledge is essential for healthcare provider and is dealt comprehensively in Charak Samhita. This is a unique project that not only provides a comprehensive translation of Ayurveda's definitive text Charak Samhita, but also provides the Fundamental inferences(Tattva Vimarsha) from each of its 120 Adhyaya(chapters) across eight sections, as well as Clinical/applied inferences(Vidhi Vimarsha).

Two features essential for modern healthcare provider to be addressed in coming time are:

  1. Concepts of Health and Disease with modern scientific explanations
  2. Case reports on health and Ayurveda studies

We encourage our valued contributors to add to this body of knowledge by editing content (by clicking the Edit page tab at the top of any existing page in this website, or submit case reports/contributions by creating a new page as author/editor (after logging in into this website)...